Networking Solutions

Consultations -
Many companies have benefited from our consultancy.  We have been in business since 1996 and are backed by 25 years of business operation and experience.   Over this time we have had experience dealing with customers in many types of business environments.

Your needs may be to get advice on a specific project or long-term future needs.  Either way, we can help you.  There is a charge for consultations, in return you will receive, a qualified recommendation.  Included in a report will be potential problems, improvement points, and new technology that would benefit your company.  After our consultation, we can help your company or IS Department with implementation, but of course there is no obligation.

Network Consultation, Planning & Design -
Recommendation to Implementation
It is very important to design your network system as a whole unit.  A well designed plan will save time and money.  Current technology offers many options in regards to network size (including long-term expansion goals), and system uses.  Options can include integrating a telephone system to incorporating building operation functions.

Full Network Installation -
Cabling to Configuration
Just as important as network design, installation is the base of a well supported and functioning network.  Quality installation includes having a knowledge of building structure, electrical sources (lighting that may cause interference), cable rated for your needs, and careful, clean, experience-supported installation. 

Network Support and Help Desk -
Consulting - Warranty - Phone Support
Long-term commitment before and after the sale.  You can purchase your products elsewhere but often the product support is not available.  We believe in providing our customers with quality customer care.

Products that we offer are customized to fit your needs.  We do not stock hardware.  This allows us to keep products and pricing current.

Equipment is from companies we trust and have been doing business with for years.  The manufacturers are well-know in the industry and provide quality products, warranties and support on their products.

Maintenance & Support -

Down-time is a great concern to any business.  Once your network is up and running, it is important to keep it operating effectively.  For most business's it is not cost effective to have your own Information Systems Department.

The best way to guarantee available support, especially in times of emergency, is to have in place a maintenance contract.  Networksource can offer a variety of maintenance services to you:

  • 8 Hour x 5 Day Support

  • 24 Hour x 7 Day Support

  • Any custom combination

Network Source can offer you telephone assistance for immediate help with any problems or questions.  If this can't resolve your problems - an on-site visit can be scheduled.  Often regular visits to monitor and maintain your systems can reduce the risk of major failure.  Early warning signs and minor problems can be rectified before they become critical.

An agreement on the level of service can be determined that is right for your business.