Web Solutions

Consulting -
Is your company reaching its target audience effectively? Through our strategic consulting services, we enable your company to identify, understand and meet the needs of your customers via the Internet. Good strategy is rooted in a solid understanding of your company, competition and consumer. We will help develop a marketing plan and strategy for your online promotional needs.

Web Development -
Having an online identity offers more than just credibility in the marketplace. It is a benefit for your consumer, who can access your products and services anytime or anywhere. Additionally, we look at all the ways one can leverage the web medium: generate sales, online surveys, search capabilities, do-it-yourself updating, secure online order forms and product sheets your clients can download. A Network Source online identity project starts with strategy and objectives that evolve into design, production, launch and maintenance. Through it all, we proceed thoughtfully and with a constant eye on making sure your goals are met completely, on-time and on-budget.

Identity & Branding -
Ask yourself, “How is my company packaged now?” Does that package communicate? Inspire? Motivate? The brand development process is, essentially, a re-packaging of how your company is perceived by its consumers. It is your company’s distinct personality. Some businesses take on the personalities of their founders. Others are a marriage between what the business offers and what their customer wants. Since Americans are exposed to over 1,200 forms of corporate communications every day, you need a distinct and consistent brand ID if your company is to have any luck buying cerebral real estate. If they don’t remember what you said, how do you expect them to buy what you’re selling?

Interactive CD-ROMS -
Interactive CD-ROMs are a successful sales tool for any industry. They allow companies to effectively capture the attention of their target audiences through the use of video and sound. This product can be used in every market with different applications. Interact with product demos, proposals, catalogs, training modules and much more. Best of all they can help increase productivity and profit margins, all at a lower cost than printed materials.

Web Applications -
How would you like to lower your operating costs, increase productivity and gain more control over your business? Whether you are looking to implement an online CRM Package, Inventory Management solution, eCommerce application or real-time content management solution, Network Source can help you expand your toolset to drive your business efficiently. Our Web Applications are developed to your specification and provide secure online access.

Online Advertising -
How would you like to increase brand awareness, ramp up sales, lower your cost per acquisition and cut your advertising budget in half? You can with Interactive Advertising. Network Source can create, deploy and track all of your Interactive Advertising campaigns and deliver impressive returns. From banner advertising to permission based e-mails

eNewsletters -
eNewsletters are great for everyone. These are fully designed web ads delivered by email. Research shows that traditional direct mail advertising has a 1% - 2% ROI as opposed to 3%-5% using electronic newsletters. eNewsletters are efficient, more “targetable” and more response-driven than direct mail. They are also a great way to keep your clients up-to-date on new products and services that your company has to offer, events or seminars you might be hosting, or just about any message you wish to convey.